A Story of Genocide, Deportation and Separation in the Cambodian-American Community

Coming soon from University of Washington Press

“Un-American” traces the story of violence through three generations of Cambodian-Americans by profiling a handful of families. It begins with the grandparents, the elderly who will soon be too old to tell their stories of survival. The violence they endured is recognized as the most brutal, a genocide that killed an estimated 20 percent of the Cambodian population. In Cambodia, the criminals have never fully been brought to justice and the victims remain largely silent…



Bluegrass Baseball
A Year in the Minor League Life

Available from University of Nebraska Press

Katya’s University of Nebraska Press book Bluegrass Baseball: A Year in the Minor League Life was rated one of the top ten non-fiction books of 2012…


Bluegrass Baseball

Photo courtesy of David Ros

Family Bluegrass Baseball