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The Beauty of Blindness

Katya’s story on Sabriye Tenberken—“The Beauty of Blindness”—is included in the HarperElixir book “live happy: Ten Practices for Choosing Joy”.

A Chernobyl Love Story (Excerpt)

An excerpt from Katya's Eastern European memoir was published in the Spring 2013 issue of Caveat Lector.

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Staying Straight in Ukraine

There are many things my American education didn’t teach me, but even more that it did. While a foreign language, geography and physics may have got left out, how to think backwards did not.

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He comes almost every day, a dejected body, with a bowed head, ambling slowly to the back of the restaurant. He will sit patiently and wait for one of the servers to greet him. Occasionally he pops his head around the serving station in search of a particular server.

Behind the station, the young waitresses smile at him as they tug at their pantyhose, while the rare male server nods his head and continues to prepare a salad. After checking in, a familiar face will soon appear at his table. This evening it is Susie, yesterday it was Remie.

Instead of the large perfected smile Susie shows the rest of the customers, she smiles at this man with a weary half smile. Ned’s head rises and his brown eyes shine as he realizes Susie’s smile is for him only.

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